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Papad Making Machine – Qoot Food Limited


What is Papad Making Machine?

Papad Making Machine

Now papad making machine is easily available in the market. If you are a woman, then starting a papad business can prove to be many times better for you than other options. Because most of the women are involved in the business of making papads. This is the only business that can be started at very low cost. Actually, papad industry is a kind of traditional business which is being run by Indians for centuries. Today we will give you complete information related to papad industry and also we will tell you about papad making machine.

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For your information, let us tell you that papad is actually a snack food which is crispy and salty to eat. In appearance it looks like a thin roti. We can do papad making industry as home industry, small scale industry and cottage industry. There are many varieties of papad, out of which plain papad and fry papad are very much liked. Let us know that the papad making machine means the necessary equipment to start the business of papad.

Demand for Papad Making Business


Papad Making Business

This dish is liked by people of almost all ages. Therefore, its demand is also very high in the market. Actually in today’s busy time people do not have enough time to make papad for themselves at home, so they buy readymade papad. In such a situation, shopkeepers buy it in bulk due to its demand by the customers. Apart from this, some people do this business from their home and sell different types of papads directly to their customers. Due to its high demand, if you also do this business, then you can earn a lot more from it.

Required Location for Papad Making Business

This is a business that you can start from your home. For this, at least 50 to 70 square meters of space is required. But if you do not have that much space in your house, then you can do this business even by renting a room. You need this much space so that after making papad, you can spread it and dry it well.

Ingredients Required for Papad Making Business

Papad are made from a variety of things, such as some types of pulses (urad, gram, moong etc.), potatoes, sago, semolina etc. So whatever type of papad making business you want to start, you can use its ingredients. Apart from this, some of your kitchen items are also required in this such as salt, asafoetida, cumin, chilli, oil, some spices etc. All these things can be easily available to you. Whatever material you will need in the business of making papad, you can easily buy everything from the market.

Machinery Required for Making Papad

There is also a technique for making papad. That’s why some people make it through machine also. So that papad can be made quickly and in more quantity. Some of the machines used in this are as follows –

  • Mixer and Grinder
  • Papad Pressing Machine
  • Papad Drying Machine
  • Packing Machine etc.

Let us tell you that you can do the work done by all these machines with your own hands too. You may have to invest more in machinery. So if you do not have enough capital to buy these machines, then you can sell it without making any machine by hand.

Papad Making Machine

Even though papad looks like a roti, but machines are used to make it. Papad making machine is also called papad making machine in English. If you want to make papad at home then you can use a mixer grinder as a machine. But if you want to do papad work on a large scale, then you will need some equipment for this. Let’s know what are the Jurui equipment associated with the papad making machine-

  • Grinding Machine
  • Mixing Machine
  • Electric Papad Press Machine (Using this machine you can easily give the prepared papad in round or flat shape)
  • Sew set or Sieve set
  • Dry Machine and Trolley (If you do not have the money to buy this equipment, you can also dry the papads in the sun)
  • Water Filling Tank
  • Packing or Pouch Sealing Machine (With this you can pack papad with your brand)

Papad Making Machine Price in India

1. Jackson Appalam Making Machine Price


Jackson Appalam Making Machine Price

Applicable Papad Size: Medium, Production Capacity: 40-100 Kg/Day
Product Price: ₹ 95,000

2. Mini Papad Making Machine Price

Mini Papad Making Machine Price
Product Price: Rs 65,000/

3. 30 HP Fully Automatic Papad Making Machine Price

30 HP Fully Automatic Papad Making Machine

Product Price: ₹ 28.50 Lakh

Papad Making Process

There are different methods of making papad. You can make and sell papads according to you. But you have to keep one thing in mind while making papad that your papad should be good in look and taste, because if people don’t like the taste or overall good of your papad, then they will not buy it and you may be harmed by it. 

License and Registration for Papad Making Business ( License and Registration)

If you are using machinery in this business then you have to take license for it. You may have to obtain a license from the Pollution Control Board. Apart from this, it is also necessary for you to be registered under this business law. And since this is a food product manufacturing business, you also need to do FASSI registration in this.

Marketing of Papad Making Business

When you start this business from home you can do marketing for it by speaking to your customers that you ask other people to buy our papads. Apart from this, you can also give advertisement in the paper. Or you can also get the pamphlet printed and distributed.

Total Cost of Papad Making Business

Your earnings from the business of making papads are not fixed. It depends on the sales of the product you make. But if people like the quality and taste of your product, then you can earn from 35 to 40 thousand rupees per month. And it can even double if people demand it excessively.

Branding of Papad Making Business

When you start getting good profits in the business of making papad, then you can also make it a brand of yours. People are very fond of using branded things. Some big companies making papad in the market are also earning huge profits like Lijjat Papad, Agarwal Papad, Haldiram etc. In such a situation, if the papads of your brand will start selling fast in the market, then you can get even more profit from this business. And you can earn lakhs of rupees instead of thousands of rupees per month.

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In this way, you can start this business from a small scale and earn more money in it going forward. But for this it is very important to take care of some things. Like the quality of your product should never be low etc.

Best Papad Manufacturers in India – Qoot Food Limited

QOOT is the manufacturer of Hand Made Premium Quality Papad in several tasty flavours. Hand Made Premium Papad manufactured by us are packing in Environment friendly Packing to keep the Papad freight and tasty for a long time. Our Papad are made from Choicest ingredients like Moong Daal, Urad Daal and Chana Daal. All the spices are procured from the source without mixing any artificial ingredient. That is why you get real Authentic Rajasthani Taste and Flavour in Hand Made premium quality papad manufactured by us. We have introduced a special Tiranga papad which has 3 flavours in a single papad. We also manufacturer Khatta Meetha papad which is one of our unique offerings and enjoyed by Kids and Adults alike. If you want the trustworthy Premium quality Papad manufacturer in India, look no further and contact us to get real premium quality Hand Made Papad.

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