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UTSAV Celebration of 32 Years

Celebration lies in the moments of truth when every bite exudes joy.

Driven by the belief of innovation and propelled by a promise to delight, Qoot Food Limited. has evolved as one of the most trusted private label contract manufacturers of healthy cookies and snacks in India, over the past few years.

Rooted in tradition, we have embraced multiplicity in ethnicity and diversity in culinary magic underscoring our spirit of perfection. Having established our credence as a leading exporter of spices and as an industrial solution provider for Agro Waste Processing Industries, Textile Weaving and Printing Industries, Edible Oil Refining and allied Products, Personal Hygiene, Oral Care, and Body Care Industries, we have also gilded our expertise as connoisseurs of taste.


Voyage of Utsav

Ingredients of perfection

Good ingredients are the only secret of our exceptional quality. With utmost dedication and unerring eyes to perfection, we adhere to the prescribed recipes and requirements of our clients and we are equally involved in getting the right mix for our indigenous brands of cookies and snacks.

The natural setting

Our production site is situated in the Agro Food Park, Alwar in Delhi NCR, India. Away from the hustles and bustles of untamed urbanization, the pollution free Food Park offers a perfect setting with highest standards of hygiene. The strategic location not only ease raw material procurement within the zone itself, it being located near the rail head also ensures faster transportation to the nearest delivery junction and port.

The way we manufacture

Using the state-of-the-art technology our products are complemented by the traditional love and care that Utsav stands for. Immediately after production, our products are sealed in airtight packaging so that the cookies remain crispy and the essence of the ingredients is maintained. The entire production process is a testimony to millions of satisfied consumers in India and across the world.

Immaculate processing

Raw materials are scrutinised as per our strict quality control guidelines in our in-house QC department on arrival.

Raw materials quality requirements are always in agreement with the supplier as per specifications. Post QC check, all ingredients are processed, using state-of-the-art technology, under the supervision of our experienced team.

Production with love

We only process raw materials of superior quality. Every cookies pack is a promise of handpicked, high quality ingredients which are processed to perfection. Baking becomes an art when dry fruits are meticulously strewed on each cookie by expert hands of highly trained professionals at our manufacturing unit. State-of-the-art facilities ensure high quality production consistency.

Packaging process

Packaging is undertaken by state-of-the-art machines while the weighing and filling is done under standardised manual process.

Walk the Talk

Health is where the heart lies

Mr. Ravi Somani heads the quality assurance at Utsav and narrates how to remain relevant with time without compromising on values of business.

Making cookies with a smile

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